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If you don't love life, WHY are you living it?


Loving Life
I saw the sun shine, when I lifted my blinds
And I realized, there’s a party going on outside
See loving life is the deal, don’t think that joy can be concealed
So open up your window, don’t be afraid to live, to love to feel
Verse 1:
Get myself together then, soak up the sun and wind
Throw on my tittie shirt, a good day’s about to begin
Meditate with self, issues that need be dealt
Throwing out the bad thoughts, so good one’s can be felt
Ready to hit the streets, hop in Betsy she beats
We bout to build and politic with my real peeps
But wait up hold fast, I gotta stop for gas
The gauge is broken, Betsy’s choking, that’ll be my ass
Hop right back in the car, pull up at X bar
Walk through the double doors, feeling like a superstar
Vanilla appletini, with caramel in it
I sip it slow while my spirit gets loose for a minute
My peeps we get to rapping, conscious thoughts and laughing
This be the good life I done manifest to happen
Throw back a drink or two, devise a plan to do
The party door to ym destiny, yes I am walking through
Repeat Chorus
Verse 2:
Reflect on the day, balance my work and play
Gotta fuse what I learned into what I say
Here comes this spirit song and the message is long
I’m running late to my job, but would I really be wrong
If I just kept on writing, boss might say I’m trifling
But if I don’t honor my spirit, my life be stifling
I gotta love me, it’s a necessity
Cause if I aint loving life, then what’s it really mean
It’s time for romance, baby I love to dance
Flow with my energy, I’ll show you my lion’s prance
Lovemaking’s who we are, I ain’t afraid to star
In my own video, cause Imma take it real far
But hold up, back to work, serving tables with perk
Having to be nice when these motherfuckers (peoples) really jerks
That’s why I read the Secret, so positive I keep it
Staying focused, loving life is what I really needed
Repeat Chorus
I’m loving life to the highest degree, you better get on this frequency
Cause ain’t no party like the party that is inside of thee
I’m loving life to the highest degree, baby get on this frequency
Cause the real party is when, your inner reflects your outer energy
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge


from SOUL​-​HOP, released March 12, 2010
Lyrics/Arranged by: Princess of Controversy
Produced & Mixed by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Recorded/Engineered by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Additional Recording/Mixing/Engineering by: Mista Green for Greenery Recordings



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