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It's lovely when the lessons in life bring you FULL CIRCLE.


Full Circle
Damn boo, should this be called a twist of fate?
I used to check for your sister’s man and now we date
You were cute and young, thought you’d try to “set me up”
But you loved me long time, I had to let up
You taught me many things although five years younger
Learned to never underestimate one man’s hunger
I wondered, why you never budged from my side
When people tried to judge me, you remained my “Clyde”
I ain’t gon’ lie, still reminisce on those days
We were like “fuck the world” Utopia’s our way
But hey-hey-hey, how long can you live in a fantasy
Reality struck and we still trapped in vanity
The fact that you were Muslim, and your family hated me
Forced you to choose between your woman and your family tree
As karma would have it from prior infidelities
You cheated on me, lesson received
When I close my eyes (when I close my eyes)
I think of all the lessons I’ve learned (I’ve learned)
The pain was real, it burned
I’ve changed, I’ve come full circle
(Repeat Once)
Verse 2:
Damn boo, you were fly as hell
Although from first glance, most women couldn’t tell
But I knew well, the workings of the “inner chi”
Talked for hours at the venue and traded energies
You were the sickest lyricist this sis had ever heard
Captivated all my eyes, especially my third
Say word, that’s why I put you on my album
Cause us together’s like kryptonite and cum
A power couple, we held church for the people
If you were spinning records, then I’d attach the needle
Fell in love with your spirit ‘fore I asked you more
I assumed that you didn’t have a girl from the door
What’s more when I found out, I didn’t even care
Pretended that she didn’t exist ‘cause you were always there
It’s clear, that my assumption was wrong
Cause when she popped up pregnant, you were gone
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3:
Damn boo, this gon hurt the worst
Thought no man could ever hurt me worse than the second verse
And how perverse, you didn’t even have a girl
So I thought that I was saved when you came into my world
Quirky and corny, hell, I like corny dudes
The sex was passionate, so your other traits subdued
But ooo, subdued a little too much
Shoulda listened when you said you didn’t like “couple stuff”
Nigga what? This lion rules this here
And you ain’t gon be fucking me if you ain’t claiming me, dear
Since that was clear, you became my man
But it wouldn’t last long, Gemini’s don’t like to stand
Still for too long or they begin to stray
They’ll blow into your life and out the very next day
But they’ll come back and forth like you did for 3 years
Until the pendulum is broke and the end is clear
Thank you to all the men I’ve known
Good or bad experiences, I’ve grown
Come full circle to reflect alone
Creator then gave ne love on a throne
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge


from SOUL​-​HOP, released March 12, 2010



all rights reserved


Princess of Controversy Washington

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