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A deeper look inside how abuse can play out into a person's life.


Verse 1:
Known for throwing marbles at her neighbor, spit balls with her paper
They say she’s so mean, she doesn’t share her now n’ laters
Their words are vapor, didn’t read the clues
She holds her breath in when he does it, hoping she can turn blue
You wouldn’t want to be her living scared to tell
Teacher labels her rage a problem child from hell
Well hide and go seek doesn’t seem so fun
When your innocence been taken since the age of 1
Praying that her teachers mad, it’s her cry for help
Not knowing after school detention really saves herself
From 2 hours less of being awkwardly felt
Don’t judge her by her actions, it’s the hands she’s dealt (but you don’t know)
You don’t even know what she’s been through (so don’t judge by the way that she walks)
Cause she’s been abused (and you could never live the life she walked)
You don’t even know what she’s been through (so don’t be blinded by the way that she smiles at you)
Cause she’s been abused (and although happy some of her days are still blue)
You don’t even know what she’s been through (and though she seems as though she’s got it together)
Cause she’s been abused (and although tough, she’s still frail as a feather)
You don’t even know what she’s been through (been violated for so long)
Cause she’s been abused (and never told body she was wronged)
Verse 2:
Yo, fly girl, so popular in school, gets to high school then she starts dressing like a dude
Her mama wonders what happened to her baby, did she not teach her the rules to being a lady?
No prom, girl-talk and shopping at the mall, she’d rather hang with her dudes all night and play ball
All this she said she’s always felt from birth, she’s different from the other girls who walk this earth
Send her cries to her friends, cause her mama’s always working
And when she’s off, she’s dealing with each and every jerk and
Dick and Tom, ain’t got no time to be a moms
Her neglect leads her daughter into a woman’s arms
Oh the harm it does to leave a child alone
Without assurance of a mother’s love, forced to be grown
18 years have now passed , now she’s coming out too
Now that she’s a dude, can she get attention too? (but you don’t know)

Repeat Chorus


from SOUL​-​HOP, released March 12, 2010
Lyrics/Arranged by: Princess of Controversy, DJ Monty with The Dope Sound
Produced by: Kev Brown for Low Budget Productions
Mixed/Recorded/Engineered by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Additional Engineering by: Mista Green for Greenery Recordings



all rights reserved


Princess of Controversy Washington

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