Prince Charming

from by Princess of Controversy

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Prince Charming
Verse 1:
Red berets and heart necklace
Remembering your last days, those were the best
Yes, the last name was professed
Be the BEST in this game, don’t take nothing less
Dream endless, be not ashamed to manifest
He cooked fish on Sundays, those days we ‘sposed to rest
Guess he had a special deal with God, nevertheless
Patterned myself after you, every single step
You taught me how to drive a stick, “clutch to the left”
So cool and confident, you always did impress
Upon me that I was better than the rest
Repeatedly over and over like Memorex
A love so deep, I had to etch it in a sketch
A Prince Charming crowing his Princess
Can travel ‘round the world from the east to the west
But nothing beats the love of my daddy, Willie Best
My Prince Charming (charming), Yes I hear you (hear you)
You have led me to write this song (this song)
Every parent (parent), wants to know that (know that)
That their child knows right from wrong (from wrong)
My Prince Charming (charming), you danced with me (dance with me)
Now rest your days been long (been long)
Now cry freedom (freedom), cause your spirit (your spirit)
Brought me right back where I belong (belong), right back to this song, yeah (this song), back to being strong (being strong)
Verse 2:
1978, it had to be a good year
A hot August day, you could fry an egg in the atmosphere
Daddy said his Princess would be here, and if you were blocking her pedastol, better stand clear
Yeah, for me, my father was a true gangster
“Baby you got a lion’s heart, don’t let nobody spank you”
I took it to heart, grew love for the arts
Nobody told me to go, I was already on start
So smart girl, you can do anything
You have the power to bring life to all that you bring
I’ll be your team, I’ll be your biggest fan
Don’t you accept nothing less than the greatest from man
Damn, your words permeate, even when your long gone
When challenges tackle me brush my knees off and walk on
You taught me that a “little dirt ain’t gonna hurt you”
And rising when you fall only builds your virtue
Repeat Chorus


from SOUL​-​HOP, released March 12, 2010
Lyrics/Arranged by: Princess of Controversy
Background Vocals: Melissa Carry, Kristin Mincey, Brittany Adams
Produced & Mixed by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Recorded/Engineered by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Additional Mixing/Engineering by: Mista Green for Greenery Recordings



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