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Don't you ever just want to get AWAY from here? Do you realize how much more you get to learn when get AWAY? Even if its just across town or the next state over....or trying a new food or way of doing things..sometimes you gotta get AWAY to be more than you are today.


Can I go to Paris where Josephine Baker called home?
First time I was introduced to France was Toblerone--
My teacher was wrong 'cause it was made by the Swiss
"Je crois que non", but too young to question it
Let me switch my tastes up, try some new food groups
Fly to Lebanon & cop some homemade fattoush
And UGH! I know it don't sound too good
'Cause they don't push it like its ice cream in your neighborhood
Guess I'll fly to Italy to get a bottle of pesto
Went to 5 grocery stores in the hood, I had to let go
Thought about Canada, but heard it was cold
But it's just ten hours driving, do it in the summer yo
In your next class report, say you're going to Africa
Some may point & stare, some might laugh at 'ya
But if they knew the spirits they'd encounter they'd be backing you
And when you come back, watch the questions they be asking ya

Can I get away to see (AWAY)
Something new for me
Can I get away to see (AWAY)
Something different than this scene

So maybe I took you too far, bordelines I like to stretch
So let me bring you back to comfort inside the US
If you play video games to relieve your stress
Try picking up a book the next time you're vexed
If you find yourself listening to the same ol' music
Throw on some Afro-Cuban, Celia Cruz will do it
Pursue it, you got bigger dreams than your friends?
Then move it, their season has come to to an end
Increase your dividends and expand your business
Try meditation as your new form of fitness
Get this, try a new place eat
Ina different part fo the city than down the street
Check out a documentary, a foreign movie
you might redefine what you used to find as groovy
And as an artist, try to rock at new spaces
Know when you art is stale so you don't wind up complacent

Can I get away to see (AWAY)
Something new for me
Can I get away to see (AWAY)
Something different than this scene

Time for me to CHANGE


from SOUL​-​HOP, released March 12, 2010
Lyrics/Arranged by: Princess of Controversy
Produced & Mixed by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Recorded/Engineered by: D. Richardson (Dayjahvu) for Choppy Chop-E Sound/Chombaa Publishing
Additional Mixing/Engineering by: Mista Green for Greenery Recordings



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